Images in Isolation 100

This will be the final image in the “Images in Isolation” sequence as we are now getting more freedoms as the lockdown is lifted.

This is a composite image, I have shown before and have a quick video of the stages it took to create here .

The inspiration for this image came from some of the Turner paintings of ships. I planned the image and took all the images with the final result in mind. I wanted to give it the feel of a painting so textured and toned the final image to give that effect. I may have done that too well as I got disqualified from a local club comp because the judge thought it was just a photo of a painting in a gallery and was not impressed I had just photographed someone else’s art.

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  1. I remember the day we were then when you photographed the “Arctic Corsair”, although I’m sure it was a pleasant, sunny day (?).
    I’ve enjoyed these 100 images, quite a few brought back memories of days we spent together. Hopefully, we will again. 😊

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